• Dabble Writer for Mac review: Simple, easy, and intuitive

    One year ago - By iMore

    It's time to get to writing!
    I've been writing fiction for just over 15 years now, from MS Word back in the day to Google Docs, and even Scrivener. While I've spent time with just about every writing program out there, the program I can't help but use is Dabble Writer. It's a new subscription-based service that aims to help you finally write that novel you've been furtively working on for the past three years to no avail.
    From the price to features to usability and support, I've got all the details for you here.
    Built to write novels
    When it comes to most writing programs, you're dealing...
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  • How to get started with Scrivener for Mac

    How to get started with Scrivener for Mac

    One year ago - By iMore

    This popular app makes it easy to just start writing.
    By design, you don't need to know every facet and feature of Scrivener to use it well. The following guide will help you get over any initial intimidation and begin putting words on the page.
    Behold the Binder
    When you create a new Scrivener project, choose the category and template that best fit what you're writing - whether that's a novel, short story, screenplay, research paper, or more. Scrivener's templates come with helpful features customized for each type of project. The Novel template, for example, includes categories to list...
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