• IPhone 12 to come in 'exquisite' thinner box without charger, says leaker

    10 days ago - By iMore

    L0vetodream says the iPhone SE's charger is also getting the chop.
    What you need to know
    It is rumored that the iPhone 12 won't have a charger or EarPods in the box.
    Another prominent leaker has added their weight to this rumor.
    L0vetodream says that the iPhone 12 will come in a "thinner", "exquisite" box.
    Prominent Apple leaker l0vetodream has become the third source to claim that Apple's iPhone 12 will not feature a charger in the box.
    In a tweet today, l0vetodream stated:
    in my dream, the new IPhone will not come with the charger and earphone , this even applying to SE2. The new...
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  • Leaker: Future iPhone Models to Come in 'Exquisite' Thinner Box

    Leaker: Future iPhone Models to Come in 'Exquisite' Thinner Box

    10 days ago - By Mac Rumors

    Leaker L0vetodream this morning posted a tweet corroborating recent rumors that Apple's " iPhone 12 " lineup won't come with EarPods or a charger in the box, adding that this will also eventually apply to the existing second-generation iPhone SE .
    L0vetodream also claims that future iPhone packaging will be "thinner" and "exquisite," which would make sense if Apple's handsets are set to come in lieu of a bulky power adapter and EarPods case. Apple is already renowned for its svelte, economical packaging, and slimming down its ‌iPhone‌ boxes would cut down on waste and shipping costs.
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