• Australia Is Looking For Apple To Build A Backdoor Into The iPhone

    10 monthes ago - By Geeky Gadgets

    Apple has made it very clear in the past its views on building backdoors into the iPhone and iOS, US law enforcement agencies tried in the past to get Apple to give them access to iOS. Now Australia is apparently looking for Apple to build a backdoor into the iPhone, this was revealed by Australia's [...]

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  • Australia Wants Apple To Create An iPhone Backdoor

    Australia Wants Apple To Create An iPhone Backdoor

    10 monthes ago - By Ubergizmo

    Last year there was a big fuss over how the US law enforcement agencies were trying to get Apple to create a backdoor for their iPhones so that they can access encrypted information. Basically the backdoor was supposed to be for the “good guys” only, but obviously not many felt the same way about it. Now it seems that over in Australia, the government is also hoping that they can convince Apple to do the same for them. Speaking to Sky News , Australia's Attorney-General George Brandis revealed that he will be meeting with a representative from Apple this week to discuss the subject of...
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