• Wordle clones for Android are showing up in the Play Store too - don't use them

    15 days ago - By 9to5Google

    Over the past few days the online game Wordle has taken social media by storm, but the game is designed to be a web app. There is no official Wordle app for Android, so don't fall for the clones invading the Play Store.
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  • Popular word game 'Wordle' plagued by App Store clones

    Popular word game 'Wordle' plagued by App Store clones

    15 days ago - By iMore

    What you need to know
    Copycat Wordle apps are plaguing the App Store.
    The original Wordle game is available for free on the games' website.
    At least one developer is charging $30 for a "pro version of its app.
    The copycats are trying to ruin Wordle.
    If you have been anywhere near the internet recently, you have probably come across the word "Wordle."
    Everyone isn't having a stroke. It's a new word game that has taken the internet by storm and grown in popularity like wildfire or, as we like to say, gone viral.
    Wordle is a simple word game that can be played on the Wordle website. Each day...
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  • Don't Fall For This Wordle Clone on the App Store

    Don't Fall For This Wordle Clone on the App Store

    15 days ago - By App Advice

    The fun word game Wordle has taken the internet by storm.
    If you haven't heard, the site offers the chance to guess a five-letter word by selecting a tile in the correct spot. You only have six tries. There is a new wordle each day.
    Creator Josh Wardle has pledged that the fun game will remain without ads or any other charges.
    But that hasn't stopped shady iOS developers to offer their own take on the game.
    One of the most egregious is Wordle - The App. From developer Zach Shakked, the game is charging a subscription fee of $30 per year for a “pro” version.
    Shakked even took to Twitter to...
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