• Bose Relaunched Its Quiet Comfort 35 II Headset For Gamers

    7 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Bose is officially dipping its toes in the gaming market, having just relaunched its Quiet Comfort 35 II headset for gamers.
    This was leaked earlier this year , but at the time Bose hadn't confirmed the headset's upcoming release. It also wasn't entirely clear at the time if it would be a brand-new headset or just an add-on for the already available headset.
    Turns out it's both. Kind of. Bose is selling the Quiet Comfort 35 II as a new headset bundle that comes with the gaming piece, which is a boom mic that you plug into the headset. It's still the same headset though.
    Bose' new headset...
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