• You can now use your iPad as a second Windows display

    2 days ago - By Tech Radar

    If you've been juggling multiple devices in your office or remote working setup, a new update from Astropad could be about to solve most of your problems. The company has updated its Luna Display wireless dongles to include support for Windows PCs, meaning you can now effectively use an iPad or even a Mac device as a de facto external monitor. Luna Display previously only worked for Apple devices, allowing users to expand their view using iPads or Macs with no need for additional wires, but has now opened up to more users.
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  • Use your iPad as a second PC screen with the updated Luna Display

    Use your iPad as a second PC screen with the updated Luna Display

    2 days ago - By iMore

    What you need to know
    The popular Luna Display is now available for Windows PCs.
    PC users can now extend their desktop onto an iPad just like Mac users.
    Dongles are available in USB-C and HDMI configurations.
    Windows 10 or later should be good to go.
    Fans of the popular Luna Display from Astropad can now use it to extend their PC display onto their iPads for the first time - just like they could extend their Mac\s previously.
    The change comes thanks to an updated Luna Display 5 as well as new hardware. The standard USB-C dongle is still available and can be used with either PC or Windows...
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