• IOS 15: How to Set a Recovery Contact for Your Apple ID Account

    8 days ago - By Mac Rumors

    Losing your Apple ID password can make your digital life a misery, because it can leave you locked out of the account that you use to manage your Apple devices, unable to access your iCloud data and manage your app and service subscriptions.
    In this scenario, Apple can't just reset your password for you, especially if your have two-factor authentication enabled. Setting up a recovery is one alternative solution, however in such cases you can't change your password unless you have a trusted second device as well as the recovery key.
    In an effort to make things easier, Apple in iOS 15 allows...
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  • Apple's Digital Legacy feature should be a must set up when it arrives

    Apple's Digital Legacy feature should be a must set up when it arrives

    8 days ago - By iMore

    Much of modern life is lived digitally. What happens to it when we die?
    While it's not flashy and won't grab a lot of headlines, Apple's upcoming Digital Legacy program is one of the best iPhone features coming in iOS 15.
    The feature, which allows someone you choose to access your digital information stored in iCloud after you die, did not ship with the launch version of iOS 15 and is instead "coming in a software update," according to Apple. However, there are some signs that it is coming sooner rather than later, and it is something every Apple device owner should care about.
    The only...
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