• The global chip shortage is starting to take its toll on Apple

    14 days ago - By iMore

    Apple is no longer able to avoid the chip shortage issue.
    What you need to know
    A new report says that the global chip shortage is now affecting Apple.
    MacBook and iPad production are starting to experience delays.
    Apple was able to avoid the global chip shortage for a while, but that time is now over.
    As reported by Nikkei Asia , production of some models of Apple's MacBook and iPad lineup have been delayed due to a lack of the components needed in order to build them.
    Chip shortages have caused delays in a key step in MacBook production - the mounting of components on printed circuit...
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  • Global chip shortage impacted iPad and MacBook production

    Global chip shortage impacted iPad and MacBook production

    14 days ago - By BGR

    The world is still dealing with a massive chip shortage that impacts various industries, including consumer electronics and automotive. It might be car makers that complained the most about the inability to manufacture more vehicles because of the shortage, but several electronic device makers feel the same pressure. Samsung confirmed a few weeks ago that the silicon shortage would impact its smartphone business, saying that it's taking steps to mitigate the issue. The Galaxy Note 21 cancelation was reportedly on the table, although Samsung might have discontinued the Note line even...
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