• Lenovo's New Gaming Phone Just Lost Its First Duel

    11 days ago - By Android Headlines

    This morning Lenovo announced the Legion Phone Duel 2 , and already it's been subjected to a durability test courtesy of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel.
    In the beginning things seems fine, but by the end, things did not go well for the Legion Phone Duel 2, as the durability test shows. Durability tests like these aren't necessarily representative of how the phone will hold up in real-world situations.
    Not entirely at least. Scratch tests for instance are entirely viable. Because there are going to be plenty of opportunities for things to scratch up your phone display. Whether it be...
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  • Lenovo's gaming phone has an extreme dual-fan cooling system

    Lenovo's gaming phone has an extreme dual-fan cooling system

    11 days ago - By Ars Technica

    The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2, with its wild center-bump design. [credit:
    Lenovo ]
    We're not quite sure there's a huge demand for them, but ~$1,000 gaming phones are something manufacturers continue to push onto the market. If nothing else, they're at least interesting, and the latest entry, the " Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 ," has one of the most extreme cooling solutions in a phone, ever.
    The phone design revolves around the camera bump-it feels like underselling it to just call it a "camera bump"-smack in the middle of the phone body. This bump covers about 25 percent of the back of the...
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