• The Galaxy S21 FE is unlikely to be the star of next week's Galaxy Unpacked

    1 month ago - By Phandroid

    Ever since Samsung decided to spring a new event on everyone, dubbed Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 , there's been a lot of speculation as to what the event could be about. The most obvious answer is for Samsung to finally unveil the Galazy S21 FE. However, it seems that won't be the case.
    Weighing in on Samsung Unpacked Part 2, we don't think the S21 FE will be announced next week with shipments by the end of October as production doesn't start till December. We are Team January for the S21 FE launch.
    - Ross Young October 14, 2021 The first tip cake from Ross Young at the DSCC , who states that...
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  • Don't Hold Your Breath For The Galaxy S21 FE Launch Next Week

    Don't Hold Your Breath For The Galaxy S21 FE Launch Next Week

    1 month ago - By Android Headlines

    A new report surfaced yesterday, claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may launch next week... well, don't hold your breath for that. According to Roland Quandt , a well-known tipster, that won't happen.
    Yesterday's report came from “supply chain sources”, but it seems to have been inaccurate. That report said that the device will be a part of Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event next week. It also stated that the device will go on sale on October 29.
    A well-known tipster doesn't expect the Galaxy S21 FE to launch next week
    Well, Roland Quandt doesn't believe that will be the case, at all...
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