• Cortana for Android is dead, long live Google Assistant

    20 days ago - By Phandroid

    Google Assistant is more or less the default digital assistant that many Android users use on their phone, but there are other options available. One of those options was Microsoft's Cortana, which has received far less attention than Microsoft would have liked, but it seems that no longer matters as the app has been killed off. Microsoft had actually announced their plans to kill off the Cortana app on iOS and Android back in July 2020, and that time has finally come. The app will no longer be supported starting on the 31st of March, 2021 and according to Microsoft, this is what it means...
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  • Cortana for iOS is finally dead

    Cortana for iOS is finally dead

    20 days ago - By iMore

    The app is no longer available to download.
    What you need to know
    Microsoft is today ending support for Cortana on mobile.
    The app is no longer available for download, and reminders and lists will stop working.
    Microsoft, as promised, has ended support for its Cortana mobile app on both iOS and Android from Wednesday, giving up its fight against Siri on the iPhone.
    As announced in July and confirmed by in-app reminders last week, Microsoft stated it would end support for Cortana on iOS and Android. From our friends at Windows Central :
    Microsoft details the upcoming discontinuation in a...
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  • Microsoft Shuts Down Cortana App for iOS and Android

    Microsoft Shuts Down Cortana App for iOS and Android

    20 days ago - By Mac Rumors

    As expected, Microsoft today discontinued its Cortana mobile app. As a result, the company has ended all support for third-party Cortana skills and eliminated the Cortana app for iOS and Android devices.
    For those unfamiliar with Cortana, it is Microsoft's version of Siri or Alexa, an AI-based personal assistant that can answer questions and complete small tasks. The eponymous mobile app was originally launched in November 2018 , but apparently never gained a user base big enough in its short lifetime for Microsoft to consider it worth maintaining.
    As explained in a Microsoft support page...
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