• Back 4 Blood now available for PC, console and with Xbox Game Pass

    4 days ago - By Windows

    Back 4 Blood is available now for Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and with Xbox Game Pass.
    The game, which Turtle Rock Studios created about a hypothetical pandemic, was developed during a real one. Simon Mackenzie, lead writer for the company, shares the genesis of the game's campaign narrative in a new post on Xbox Wire.
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  • Back 4 Blood Review: A Horde of Problems

    Back 4 Blood Review: A Horde of Problems

    4 days ago - By Game Skinny

    As the progenitor of a genre, returning to one's roots must have felt both exciting and daunting for Turtle Rock Studios. The team's intent to re-establish itself as the standard-bearer of the horde shooter would be no small feat after years of like-minded imitators.
    Sadly, Back 4 Blood doesn't just fail to fill Left 4 Dead 's shoes. It surprisingly doesn't contend with even some of the many horde shooters we've seen since the team's last foray into the genre in 2009.
    The bones of the game are strong, but the flesh of what makes this genre fun has been torn from Back 4 Blood like it's come...
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