• Xiaomi Developing A New Foldable Smartphone, But Not The MIX Fold 2

    9 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Xiaomi seems to be developing a new foldable smartphone, and it won't be much different than its existing one. The company announced the Mi MIX Fold back in March, its first-ever foldable handset.
    That is the only foldable device that Xiaomi has announced thus far. Well, based on a new report, this new foldable handset will be quite similar to the Mi MIX Fold. It will have the same form factor, and look really similar as well, maybe even the same.
    Xiaomi is working on a new foldable smartphone, but not the MIX Fold 2
    This is not the MIX Fold 2, more like a refresh of the original one. The...
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