• OWC Envoy Pro SX is a rugged Thunderbolt 4 SSD for Windows and Mac

    1 day ago - By Beta News

    When disasters happen, such as a flood, it can be devastating to lose belongings - especially expensive computers. While laptops and desktops can be replaced, the data housed on them often cannot. That's why it can be smart to back up your data to both the cloud and a rugged external drive. Redundancy is key to protecting your cherished photos, videos, and more. Speaking of rugged external storage, today, OWC launches a very durable new portable solid state drive. Called "Envoy Pro SX," the Thunderbolt 4 SSD is insanely fast and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. More importantly,...
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  • The new OWC Envoy Pro SX is a fast and rugged Thunderbolt SSD

    The new OWC Envoy Pro SX is a fast and rugged Thunderbolt SSD

    1 day ago - By iMore

    What you need to know
    OWC has announced the Envoy Pro SX, a rugged new Thunderbolt SSD.
    Not only is the new SSD designed to withstand tough treatment, but its Thunderbolt 3 connection means it's fast, too.
    It's small, fast, and mighty.
    OWC has today announced the new Envoy Pro SX, a rugged SSD that's designed not to withstand all that life throws at it. It's quick, too - The Thunderbolt 3 connection means users can expect transfer speeds of up to 2847MB/s.
    It's pretty obvious that this little SSD is designed to be taken on location by photographers and videographers. Those locations aren't...
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