• Back 4 Blood Cleaner Outfits & Skins: How to Unlock Character Cosmetics

    2 days ago - By Game Skinny

    If you're wondering how to unlock new outfits and skins for your cleaners in Back 4 Blood , don't sweat it anymore. There are quite a few cosmetics available for your characters, and while adding them to your brains-splattered wardrobe isn't all too difficult, it can be a bit time-consuming.
    In this tips guide, we'll explain how to earn more of those elusive Back 4 Blood outfits, skins, and cosmetics so you don't have to smash zombies in the default digs.
    Where to Get Cleaner Outfits & Skins in Back 4 Blood
    Back 4 Blood 's eight characters, called Cleaners, are distinct and stylish, but...
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