• How to Factory Reset an AirTag So Someone Else Can Use It

    10 days ago - By Mac Rumors

    When you set up an AirTag, it's automatically associated with your Apple ID , which means it's linked to your ‌Apple ID‌ and can't be used by someone else unless you reset it.
    Resetting can be as simple as removing an AirTag from your ‌Apple ID‌, by following these steps:
    Open the Find My app.
    Tap on the AirTag that you want to remove by choosing its name from the list.
    Swipe upwards to bring up the full AirTag settings.
    Tap on "Remove Item."
    Tap on "Remove" and then tap again on the "Remove" popup.
    Once you've gone through this process, the AirTag's ownership is cleared and you can give...
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