• Apple has dropped its recap video covering the fourth day of WWDC21

    10 days ago - By iMore

    What you need to know
    Apple has dropped another video recapping the day at WWDC21.
    The "And exhale" video, hosted by Serenity Caldwell, also provides a preview of the last day of WWDC.
    Everyone exhale, there is only one day of session madness left!
    Apple has dropped its day four recap video of WWDC21. The video, hosted by iMore alum Serenity Caldwell, goes over some of the notable topics covered today at WWDC and also provides a preview of what is to come tomorrow which is the last day of WWDC21.
    We rewind back to Day 4 at WWDC21 with Serenity Caldwell, recalling the highlights of the day...
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