• Forget Face ID and Touch ID, Apple's working on Ear ID

    3 monthes ago - By iMore

    What you need to know
    Apple is working on AirPods sensors that could authenticate you based on your ear shape.
    A new patent imagines an AirPod that could bounce an ultrasonic signal around a wearer's ear.
    Not all patents turn into products so this may never see the light of day.
    Your AirPods could one day be used to authenticate you in the same way your face and fingerprint do now.
    If you're bored of Face ID and are sick of waiting for Touch ID to make a return to Apple's flagship iPhones, fear not. Apple appears to be working on technology that would allow a future pair of AirPods to use...
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  • Apple Could Add User Authentication to AirPods

    Apple Could Add User Authentication to AirPods

    3 monthes ago - By Mac Rumors

    Apple is exploring methods to bring user authentication to AirPods, a newly published Apple patent application shows.
    In a patent application titled " User Identification Using Headphones ," filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and spotted by Patently Apple , Apple explains how it can authenticate AirPods users using other nearby devices, ultrasonic signals, voice recognition, and even a wearer's gait.
    The filing seeks to address the issue of AirPods being unable to determine whether a wearer is the authorized user of a connected device. Apple suggests that this can be...
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