• Google Is Making A Big Change For Chromebooks With External Keyboards

    11 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Google will reportedly soon let external keyboards attached to Chromebooks set at least one more custom shortcut key. That's based on a recent report from Chrome Story , which first noticed the change today.
    Shared via screen capture and activated via an experimental flag, the change lets an “External Meta” key be customized.
    What does this do and could this lead to other changes for external keyboards?
    Like other custom keyboard shortcuts, the change does exactly what it says. Namely, it lets users set the ‘meta' key on external keyboards to do something different on linked Chromebooks...
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  • Google Adopting Rust for Android Will Make The More Stable And Safe

    Google Adopting Rust for Android Will Make The More Stable And Safe

    11 days ago - By Android Headlines

    According to ArsTechnica Google is beginning to adopt Rust for Android more. Linux began taking steps toward supporting the language recently. For those who do not know, Rust is a memory-managed programming language. Google is in the same boat as Linux in adopting Rust.
    The search giant says as much in a blog post they put out Tuesday, April 6. The Android Open Source Project now officially supports Rust for low-level components. Kotlin is the language that the Android team really pushes hard. Java is also pushed, but both Kotlin and Java rely on the Android Runtime to function.
    C and C++...
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